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Riding on the railroad

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Discover Paris ans its rich heritage on board this littlie blue train. Thematic tours complete with commentary let you discover the Latin Quarter, the beautiful sites from Palais Royal to Garnier opera house and more...

Greater Paris: Visit Another Paris

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Another Paris' little blue train has welcomed over 12,000 clients and was recently awarded Trip Advisor's 2014 Certificate of Excellence as well as being rewarded with the Tourisme & Handicaps label for its conscientiousness of making the train easily accessible to everyone. The charming train operates daily and offers five tours to choose.

ABroad: How to tour in Paris?

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파란색 꼬마 기차 타고 즐기는 가이드 투어, 또 다른 파리(Petit train de Another Paris)
파란색 꼬마 열차를 타고 마레지구와 생루이를 돌아보는 로열 루트(Royal route), 라틴쿼터 중심으로 둘러보는 아카데믹 루트(Academic route), 생제르망 주변을 살피는 아티스트 루트(Artist route), 루브르-팔레에서 오페라 하우스까지 잇는 엘리건트 루트(Elegant route), 몽파르나스 지역을 돌아보는 보헤미안 루트(Bohemian route) 등 조금 색다르고 다양한 시티 투어를 제공한다. 파리를 처음 찾은 이들이라면 ‘파리 여행의 감’을 잡기에 제격이다. 영어, 독일어, 스페인어, 이탈리아어로 안내 서비스가 제공되는데, 눈높이에 맞춰 성인과 어린이를 위한 내용이 따로 준비되어 있다. 파리 시내 구석구석에 담긴 이야기를 들으며 편안하게 여행할 수 있는 것이 가장 큰 매력. 그러나 코스를 완주하기 전 중간에 내릴 수는 없다. 생미셸 역 근처(9 rue Lagrange)와 루브르-리볼리 역 주변(rue de l’Amiral de Coligny)에서 출발한다. 보헤미안 루트(2시가30분 소요)를 제외한 나머지 루트는 모두 1시간 15분 소요.

The Australian: the trick is to see the sights with those in the know

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For a more engaging view of Paris you need to get behind Anne Chenais, founder, driver and conductor of the Little Blue Train... The triple-carriage road train departs from 9 rue Lagrange in the 5th arrondissement and there are five circular itineraries of 75 minutes or, on week-ends, 2 1/2-hr "Bohemian" outings through Montparnasse to Montsouris and Porte de Vanves flea market...

Paris Capitale: Paris by (tourist) train

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Tourist buses have been a familiar sight on the capital's broad avenues for many years. But now there's a new kid on the block - the blue tourist trains of Another Paris, which offer a very different way of visiting the capital. Launched this year, they wind their way through narrow streets never taken by buses, along five delightful itineraries, each with its own commentary. They include "Royal" between Marais, the Ile Saint-Louis and Cité; "Savant" from the Quartier Latin to the Observatoire; "Artiste" from Saint-Germain des Prés to the Invalides and the Louvre; "Elegant" from Palais Royal via Concorde to the Opéra Garnier; and "Bohème" from Montparnasse to Montsouris and the Vanves flee market. To skip periods of congestion - and to avoid making the crush on the capital's streets any worse - the excursions times have been very carefully chosen. The trip through the Marais, for example, takes place on weekday mornings, and the "grand tour" around the south of Paris only at weekends.

Greater Paris

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Discover Paris and its rich heritage on board this little blue train. Thematic tours complete with commentary let you discover the Latin Quarter, the beautiful sites from the Palais Royal to the Garnier Opera House and more. Trains depart from 9 rue Lagrange (5th) by Notre-Dame or rue de l'Amiral de Coligny (1st) by the Louvre. For schedule and reservations visit

Paris Insider's Guide 2013: Another Paris' little blue train

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Totally new and yet totally different! It's absolutely worth trying out this new tour concept. Settle yourself comfortably on the seats of Another Paris' little blue train and sample the pleasure of discovering or rediscovering at a gentle pace...another Paris - that of its side streets, real life and the historical buildings secretly tucked away.

Paris News 77 - Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Discovering Paris aboard a little tourist train:
The company Another Paris has just launched a new product to get to the heart of the French capital: visits with commentary aboard a little train! Visitors can choose from five themed circuits with the evocative names of Royal, Savant, Artiste, Elégant and Bohème to discover the rich heritage of the French capital.

Paris Visitors and Convention Bureau

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Paris News - April 2012 - Trends n°69
Paris with the kids! Paris is increasing its range of attractions and leisure and cultural venues suitable and attractive to the capital's younger visitors...(...) Another memorable experience is to criss-cross the Latin Quarter, the Marais or other areas aboard the enclosed small train: Another Paris (from summer 2012).