Disabled public

To see the screen in bigger characters, simultaneously press on the buttons CTRL and + at any time.
To return the screen to the standard 100% size, simultaneously press on the buttons CTRL + 0 (zero).

Questioning and booking

For any questions or booking, please contact us by telephone: +33 (0), or by Internet to the address dedicated to any questions concerning disabled visitors: accessibilite@another-paris.com.
It allows you to establish a personalised contact with Another Paris and to organise your visit under the best possible conditions.

Access, with the help of the driver

For small people, Another Paris has steps making it easier to get onboard the train. Don't hesitate to ask for steps from the driver.
For those in a wheelchair, the third carriage of the little Another Paris tourist train is specially equipped with a double wide door and a access ramp. This ramp is opened out on request by the driver. Length of the ramp: 210 cm. Inner width: 84 cm. Slope: 21 °.
This specially equipped carriage allows two wheelchairs to embark, by removing three seats seating four people, or a single wheelchair by removing one 4-seater bench.
So to prepare your arrival and to receive you under the best conditions, Another Paris invites you to book your seats for a determined time slot by phone (+33 (0) or by Internet (accessibilite@another-paris.com). With no prior booking, Another Paris can not guarantee that the necessary space will be free on your arrival.
The two terminus points (Notre Dame - 9 Rue Lagrange - and Louvre - Rue de l'Amiral de Coligny) allow wheelchairs to board and disembark with the help of the driver.


Individual headphones are given to all visitors. Instructions for use are simple and explained by pictograms inside the train. The visitor adjusts the sound himself and chooses the version (language). If the event of any problems with connecting or adjusting, don't hesitate to ask the driver for help.
For people with problems using small earphones or people with hearing aids, Another Paris has a few big headphones.
For deaf people, Another Paris broadcasts explanatory texts on the video screens of each of the three carriages. These texts allow you to follow proceedings and points of interest on the routes.
To borrow big headphones, you just have to ask the driver.


The noosing of the little tourist train is equipped with yellow non slip bands.
The door handles contrast in white on blue.

The adapted equipment was made with the financial assistance of up to 40% of the overall amount by the Ile de France region.
Another Paris' train was awarded by Les Trophées de l'Accessibilité in 2015.