Another Paris' little tourist train is the ideal way of discovering the life and heritage of Parisians while respecting the environment.

Sustainable Development: Another Paris agrees


The gentle speed of the little train respects everybody's safety: 15 km/h inside streets.
Diesel motorisation with Crit'air standard number 2 (yellow).
Individual earphones avoid any external sound nuisance.

Another Paris' environmental commitment:
Respect the residents and the environment.
Be part of sustainable development.

Another Paris' golden eco-rules:
Eco-driving :
The driver undertakes to drive gently, to turn off the engine during prolonged stops and to avoid wasting energy.
In the garage he checks the tyre pressure and the oil level of the engine once a week, and the brake fluid once a month.
On leaving and on arriving for each route, the driver goes around the passengers with a dustbin.
In the garage, Another Paris undertakes to use less harmful cleaning products and sorts its waste.
In the office, Another Paris reduces its paper printouts, uses paper from sustainably managed forests for its brochures, sorts its waste and turns off lights and appliances operating with electricity after use.